About me and my style

When I discovered photography, I found my biggest passion and became connected to the deepest part of my heart.

I am a New York and Vienna-based documentary-style wedding and editorial photographer.

My editorial works have been published in National Geographic, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post,  Time Magazine, New Yorker Magazine, Stern Magazine, The Guardians, Kurier among others. If you are interested for my editorial work you can find it here.

I consider myself a visual story teller. I love to photograph weddings and portraits, picturing you in the images the way what describes you the most. My style is journalistic, capturing moments in the most natural way but also love to be creative with different background especially outside.

Our personal contact is important for me to familiarize myself with your passions and interests in order to learn about all your wishes and needs. I like to sit down for a cup of coffee and learn more about you and your story before we start our photo-shoot.

I do everything so that you feel comfortable on the other side of the camera and that on your photo shooting everything runs just as you dream and wish for.

Please feel free to contact me. I speak German, English and Hungarian.

Photography studies

My photography background based on my studies at International Center of Photography in New York.


In 2010 I received the degree “Photo Artist of the International Association of Photographic Arts” in Paris and in 2011 “Photo Artist of National Association of Hungarian Photographic Arts”  in Budapest.

My Book Publications

In 2010 “Life with Love”, Vienna, Novum Verlag

In 2012 “Hungarian Embassy in Vienna. Study of History of Art”, Budapest

In 2014 “New York edited. CITY SCAPES”, Berlin

In 2015 “Rescue 1 FDNY”, New York



2016 November           “Sea Turtle Rescue”, Mass Audubon Wellfleet Bay Wildlife Sanctuary, Cape Code

2015 – ongoing             “Turtle Rescue Team” , New England Aquarium, Boston

2013 October               “Rising Waters” Museum of The City of New York, New York

2013 September           “Photoville”, New York

2013 August                 “Rising Waters”, Museum of The City of New York and International Center of Photography, New York

2013 September           “Rescue Battalion”, West Hungarian University, Sopron, Hungary

2013 June                    “The view from here”, International Center of Photography, New York

2013 March                  “Life with Love”, Mezokovesd, Hungary

2013 Januar                 “Life with Love”, Atrium Theater, Budapest

2012 September          “Citynights”, Hungarian Cultural Center, Collegium Hungaricum, Vienna

2011 November           “Life with Love”, Bank Austria, Mariahilferstrasse 54., Vienna

2011 November           “Citynights”, Bank Austria, Mariahilferstrasse 54., Vienna

2011 October               “Citynights”, Bank Austria, Schottengasse, Vienna

2011 February             „Life with Love“, Pannonia Gallery, Sopron Hungary

2010 June                   “Southeast Asia”, cargo-partner Bratislava, Slovakia

2009 May                    “Southeast Asia”, cargo-partner Fischamend, Austria

2009 March                 “Southeast Asia”, Eisenstadt Cultural Center, Austria

2009 September          “China”, cargo-partner Prag, Czeck Republic

2009 May                     “China”, cargo-partner Bratislava, Slovakia

2008 May                      “China”, cargo-partner Fischamend, Austria

2007 February             “China”, Mediterrano Gallery, Sopron, Hungary


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